As of 11:50am on March 18, my dog Marty is missing.

I had taken him to a park just outside my apartment to play with him off of his leash. The weather has been really nice lately so I let him just wander around the park while I sat on the swings. I was starting to get ready to leave when a group of women come up to me, cooing at Marty because he’s basically adorable. So I was talking to them in English. And then I realized they were recruiting for their church.

They had me almost literally backed into a corner since I was sitting on the swings. But I thought what could be the harm in just listening to them. So for twenty minutes I listened to them while they showed me a video about how they celebrate Passover, which protects them from disaster, and they tried to get me to go to their church on Saturdays instead of Sunday church. They asked me for my phone number and I wrote down the wrong one (actually honest because I can never remember my phone number). And then of course they called it but luckily I didn’t have my cell phone on me so I could just not answer. But a Korean guy answered. Really Korean guy? You couldn’t just not answer  just this one time?

So they kept asking for my phone number when I realized that Marty was missing. He had stopped running back to me after exploring for a while. I went to go look for  him, and the women actually helped look for him. Normally there would be one thing working for me in that Marty wears a harness plus a collar and the collar has my address and phone number on it. However, I had given Marty a bath the day before and forgot to put his second collar on.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find him before I had to go to a meeting for work. After the meeting, I basically sat in my classroom for an hour trying to eat some comfort McDonald’s while starring at cheerful stories about the disaster in Japan. Then taught some classes. Then I asked a counselor to help me make a reward poster, which I brought to the police station after work. Hopefully they’ll be able to find him because I did have any luck looking on Saturday either.

Several people have asked me where would he go or tried to encourage me by saying that he’ll come home when he’s hungry. Here’s the problem. The question is not “Where will Marty go?”. It’s “Where’ won’t Marty go?” He’s a wanderer. I had trained him not to leave the park and this is the first time he’s disobeyed (probably got bored waiting around for me).  But even when he’s in the park he wanders off if he picks up an interesting scent. Marty likes walking and he’ll basically follow that scent to it’s end if he can.

So tomorrow I’ll go out and spend the day looking for him. Hopefully he’ll turn up soon. The weather is getting nicer and the  nights aren’t so cold anymore but I don’t know how long he’ll last on the streets, being tiny and blind. Suwon’s got Jindos running around.