Update: I decided to keep this info up here since it’s what I had initially wrote at the beginning of my blogging adventures (and apparently never updated until now). I’m no longer teaching in Korea, although I’m still trying to learn Korea so perhaps there will be more adventures there. In case you’re interested in my further adventures in the United States, here’s my new blog: http://gradadventures.wordpress.com.


Just a quick introduction: I’m an American who will be teaching English somewhere in Korea pretty soon and I created this blog as a way to record any adventures I might have there, or in preperation for going there.

A longer introduction: I’m a recent graduate from the University of Maryland. I graduated with a BS in Psychology and a BA in German. That might make you wonder, how am I qualified to teach English in Korea? Well, in college I also worked a lot with kids, including helping elementary schoolers improve their reading and writing skills. Before graduating I applied to Aclipse, a organization that recruits English teachers for China, Japan and South Korea. They offered me a job, I accepted and here I am! Woo! Thrilling story.

I’ll be working for Chung Dahm, which runs private English schools all over Korea. Specifically, I’m scheduled to teach in the Dongtan neighborhood of Hwaseong, which is a few miles (or so) south of Seoul. And it should be starting soon – December 4th to be exact. I can only hope  a truly memorable adventure awaits!