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I was going to post about packing and my last few days in Korea, but I honestly can’t remember enough about those events to justify their own blog posts. But I will say, when moving to another country, pack early. Also, be careful where you leave your Spacebags. They can develop holes.

On the last day I worked, I went down to April to say good-bye to Karen. It was kind of sad; since I had a half day on Friday but just about no one else did, I couldn’t say good-bye to anyone in CDI. While waiting for her, I saw something I had never seen before: a western child speaking Korean.

He was waiting outside the glass doors talking to a Korean man and I didn’t think much of it. Then he walked inside and up to the Korean counselors and started talking to them. IN KOREAN! I hadn’t even seen an adult westerner speaking Korean with remote accuracy, let alone a child. But children have a way of picking these things up quickly. I have to admit, I’m somewhat jealous. Still not even close to being able to speak Korean well. And since I upgraded my laptop to Vista, I lost my Rosetta Stone progress *tear*.

I’d really like to know that kid’s story too. How did he learn such good Korean?

Next up: My Last Blog entry. I need to give this one some thought, as it will be reflecting on my time in Korea.